Business Coaching

Business coaching starts out with the traditional consulting model.  I find out where you are and exactly where you want to go and why.  Then we create a powerful action plan together.  This is when coaching really kicks in.  I can help you be accountable for doing what it takes to succeed.  You will get new ideas and insights.  With compassion and honesty, I’ll keep you on track and hold you at your highest potential.  My clients that are open-minded, willing to get out of their comfort zone and take action succeed beyond their expectations.

Business Plans

You probably already know that companies with a well thought-out business plan have a 10x better chance of success than those who don’t.  Studies at Harvard and Stanford prove this out.  Writing a business plan can be a daunting task, and I can help make it easier.  Also, by the virtue of working with you own business plan consultant, you’ll have the synergy of two great brains creating a more powerful plan.

Marketing Plans

I have a comprehensive workbook for my clients that creates a detailed marketing plan that yields a tenfold increase in leads with the same effort, time and budget.  We will go through your branding, mission, vision, goals, revenue model, unique buying proposition, copywriting message, strategies, tactics, tracking methods, calendar, delegation and implementation.

Goals & Action Plans

Setting powerful goals is the first step in getting to your next level.  I help with techniques and criteria that make these measurable goals meaningful, thrilling and helpful for you.  From these goals, we will work backwards into your step-by-step action plan.

Analyze and Streamline Operations

Utilize my experience as a former engineer and internal consultant to help you analyze your business operations.  How can you make your processes run faster, smoother, more efficiently and with less errors?  This is key to you sleeping better at night, having less stress and enjoying higher profitability.

Education, Seminars, & Workshops

What information would help you or your team perform better?  What’s an area where you and/or your team want to learn more?  What concerns or worries you in your business?  I have spoken on at least a dozen topics for companies across the country (eg.  Social media marketing, SEO, web design, how to find and keep excellent employees, case studies, business planning, how to create a comprehensive powerful marketing plan, etc…), and would love to help you and your business.  Email me at  or call (707) 246-3646 to set up an appointment to see how I can help.