A well thought out marketing plan will make your marketing ten times more effective!

Jay Conrad Levinson and Seth Godin wrote: “The secret of a marketing plan is that it will enable you to see your ultimate goal with clarity, making minor setbacks and failures along the way unimportant. Just as important a plan helps you communicate your vision to your employees, ad agencies and investors”.Highly effective small business comprehensive marketing plan model template

 Note**  I help business owners and heads of marketing departments go through the creation process for a highly successful comprehensive marketing plan.  The synergy from working together often yields a plan that the owner couldn’t imagine on their own.  I’m more than happy to help you with yours.  You can reach me at Jim@PeakBusinessCoaching.com or call me at (707) 246-3646.

These are the key elements to a successful comprehensive marketing plan:

Notice that we start high level, then focus on the ideal client.  The middle section is about how to effectively get our opportunity to the right people, then it’s about the means of getting the message out most efficiently and finally how to sustain our marketing efforts and track them.


Why did you start your business?  What’s your story behind the business idea?


What your ideal business will look like in 2-5 years – no limits!


Key future goals, milestones, financial goals – be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Thrilling.

Define Your Ideal Target Niche Market

Who specifically needs what you are offering, is open to getting help, can afford it or values the results, benefits and emotions they will receive more than the money, is motivated to buy?  **This section deserves extra time and consideration – this alone can increase your marketing effectiveness five fold.

Define the primary problem or challenge and how you can solve it and/or the big opportunity you can help optimize for your target market

This will help you with your marketing content.  How can you clearly define what their life will be and feel like after buying and using your products/services?

Your specific, measurable goals & revenue model:

What’s your monthly revenue target?  How many hours of service and/or products do you need to sell.  With your current or targeted conversion ratio, how many leads do you need each month?

Marketing Budget:

How much money, time, expertise and effort initially and then ongoing.

What’s better, different, unique & special about your products/services?

Consider who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why.  Consider products, price, quality, service, selection …

What are the major benefits to your customer?

What results can you help them obtain?  What motivates your clients?

What do you want your customer to do?

What’s your clear call to action for them?

Situation Analysis

What are the latest market trends?  Is there enough demand for what you have to offer?  How much competition do you or will you have?

Risk Analysis

What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats [SWOT]?


Now that you’ve done all the above sections, you have the full spectrum of information to powerfully create your branding.  Branding consists of a business’ logo, slogan and business name.  If you’re musically inclined, create your business jingle as well – here’s some examples.

Choose Your Top Marketing Strategies

These are the high level “buckets” or categories of marketing tactics.

Choose a few tactics for each of your top Marketing Strategies.

Keep your niche market, time and funding in mind.  Marketing is a great investment in your business.  Ask others in your industry what’s currently working for them.

Marketing Calendar

I highly recommend creating a monthly marketing calendar.  Make it so all your tactics are sustainable and regularly implemented.  Spread out the work so you can do all this without burning out your team or yourself.

How will you track the success of your marketing strategies/tactics?

The purpose is to maximize the value of your marketing dollars and time.