Helpful Business Tools, Checklists, Forms and Spreadsheets

I’m compiling a collection of helpful business tools, forms, spreadsheets, checklists and documents for you and your entrepreneur friends to use.  Feel free to email me at with any suggestions or requests to add to this set of handy business tools.

Marketing lead followup tracking form

It’s important these days to follow up with our leads 6-8 times.  It used to be 3 times, and that’s when most people give up and feel like they’re being “pushy” but the truth is that we are just beginning to be on our potential client’s radar screen with 3 followups.  After 5 followups, conversion rates begin to climb more steeply.  Use this handy tracking form to increase your sales and help more people.


Marketing Plan Calendar

We all need to create a marketing calendar.  A list simply isn’t enough.  We need business tools that help us get things done!  Consistency of marketing is key, so this calendar helps you spread out your marketing tactics from a  visual and timeline perspective, so you and your team can get all your marketing tactics done every month.  You’ll see placeholder examples on this calendar – these are not specific recommendations for your business, so replace them with your focused, effective action items and events.


Year-End Business Review Evaluation Form

Most of us don’t take the time to do a comprehensive business review on an annual basis.  This exercise helps us focus on the most powerful and effective action items, learn from our lessons, stop doing time-wasting activities and reach our goals the following year faster and easier.  I highly recommend putting this in your year-end business calendar with an automatic scheduling reminder.  This form makes it super easy to do a thorough evaluation efficiently and effectively:

Year-End Business Evaluation Form

Rapid Acceleration Debt Paydown Calculator

This is one of our most popular helpful business tools.  The idea here is to capture all your debt information and quickly calculate the fastest possible way to pay down your debt.  This tool helps you create your debt paydown plan as easily and rapidly as possible.  Now you can create your plan, follow it on a monthly basis and shift your focus from worry and fear of debt to abundance and ways of increasing your income.

PBC Debt Plan Calculator