I have come so far with Jim Kaspari’s business coaching. Jim helped bring clarity and direction to my business pursuits. He kept me accountable for my progress and at the same time helped me to recognize and appreciate my achievements. Instead of criticizing and merely advising, he focused on encouraging, motivating and inspiring me by keenly listening to where I was and taking me to the next logical step. It was clear that he doesn’t use a one size fits all approach to his coaching as he was open to allowing his intuition to guide me in the way that was right for me. I ended up with a direction and plan that was completely different from where I started, yet made so much more sense. I am now in a position to really move forward with a clear goal and plan. I am so grateful for Jim’s calm, easy demeanor that helped me to gain trust in this process of building a business. I am also grateful for his strong confidence in himself to guide and advise me, giving me clear tasks to be accomplished, and a clear purpose to the tasks. I believe that Jim will bring your business to the next level no matter where you are right now. He has the knowledge, experience and creativity to offer a unique coaching program that will fit your specific needs. I have had other coaches in the past, but Jim Kaspari’s coaching was by far the most effective.
Karen Schooley
I am happy to recommend the coach I have worked with this year because I know his work and have benefited greatly from his support, advice, and guidance. Jim Kaspari is his name, and you can find out more at www.PEAKBusinessCoaching.com. My business results this year are really solid, and Jim’s strategic and tactical coaching to make my business better has contributed meaningfully to that welcome outcome. He has a really lovely blend of business expertise and a fabulous “bed side manner” that have really supported, encouraged, and challenged me to welcome big results this year. In my years in business, I have been mentored by women and men – including Ali Brown, Vinca Heart, Bill Baren, James Roche, and Jim Kaspari to name a few. The “best fit” to date has been with Jim Kaspari. So, I hope you will take a look at what he has to offer and consider if it might be a fit for your needs. I have had the most profitable first quarter of my business in 15 years. Many good things are unfolding thanks to the actions I have taken so far with Jim Kaspari's coaching.
I've worked with numerous business coaches in the past, and I can say in just one hour with Coach Jim/Peak Business Coaching, we were able to dig in faster and deeper and create a game plan with homework and goals and ideas that I am now able to apply immediately. Coach Jim asked a ton of great questions that helped him form a picture and create a game plan that applied directly to me. His wealth of experience is obvious and his passion for what he does is really contagious! If you are looking for someone who can help you take your business to the next level, and help hold you to what you commit to, I HIGHLY suggest contacting Peak Business coaching here in Folsom, CA - you won't be disappointed!!!!
"As a business coach, Jim has the rare combination of being inspirational, revelational and simply down to earth, all at the same time. His focused listening and relational style gets down to what really matters in achieving positive business results." Thanks for your help in empowering me forwards to help heal the world, one person at a time. Dr. Alan Chong Calgary, Canada
Sessions with Coach Jim have been a tremendous asset for my business and me personally. I learned very quickly that he doesn't 'give the answer' to my question or challenge... Instead, he guides me through the mental clutter that I once saw as a myriad of obstacles. On the other side of this, I find I do have the answers - and now the right sequence to achieve even more results. If you know the infamous quote by Henry Ford [Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.] ... well, Coach Jim helps you tap in to the true power of that statement. Many thanks! - Cory Sanford - Halifax, Nova Scotia.
When I started coaching with Jim I had fairly recently kicked off my own business after a 20 year career in the banking & finance industry in Australia. I had achieved some great successes in my work and it was difficult to go from a constant, clear path to achievement into the trial and error framework of a start-up and the lack of a guarantee on outcomes. I had been building my business quite successfully apart from one thing, I was being worked to the bone again just like in the corporate world, except with less income and higher stress because all roads led to me! Jim managed to help relieve my stress with useful guidance and new perspectives. As a result I am currently completely morphing my business model to reduce my exchange of time for money and incorporate more leverage. I’m very excited about this new phase and know with some further help from Jim I will be able to achieve my dream of having my own business while also having time for family and friends, which was a major personal goal of losing my life to corporate, and hopefully with a satisfying income. I would highly recommend Jim, he has a wealth of practical and effective advice and I haven’t come up with any problem yet that he hasn’t got some great insight for! Thank you very much Jim, I’m truly grateful. Maree O’Flaherty Sydney, Australia
After operating our business for the last 30 years, we have had the pleasure of being coached for the last six months by Jim Kaspari. He has assisted us in creating a business plan which has ensured increased productivity and profitability. Perhaps the greatest benefit to our business has been the safe culture that he creates to examine your belief system and make the changes necessary to align with your own vision of success. We would highly recommend Jim as a Business Coach! - Jeremiah Nelson and Justin Geiger, Jeremiah's Tree Service, Inc. Tahoe City CA
I really enjoyed working with you and feel like I have really gained momentum. I regularly hear your pearls of wisdom in my head and always laugh when I think about making phone calls. “How much does my phone actually weigh?” LOL Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. It has truly been appreciated. - Nola Peacock, Alberta Canada
"Coach Jim's focus, willingness to listen and masculine energy helped push me past my comfort zone to upgrade my business. He always saw me at my highest potential and had the tools to take me there. When I started, I was not wild about the marketing part of my business. I wanted to create! He helped re-frame my blocks around marketing into a creative process. Suddenly, I was able to think of marketing AS creating. This was a profound shift for me. When I started with Jim, I was about ready to launch a new book. With his assistance, I was able to create a couple hundred dollars consistently each month, in passive income outside of my coaching services. Jim has a big heart, laser-focused tools & techniques and the ability to see your hidden blocks. He will help push your upper limit so you can raise the bar for your life and business." Tina Lensing, MSW - Life & Business Coach