Local Resources – Folsom, Roseville and greater Sacramento areas

I find that one of the most challenging things that we encounter as entrepreneurs is finding the right local resources as team members to help us with our businesses.  Who can we trust?  Who is accountable?  Who does a great job?  At some time or another, we all need bookkeepers, web designers, business lawyers, graphic artists, bankers, accountants, and others to support us in our business so we can do what we’re best at.  This page will be built out over time and I will be sharing the best local tried-and-true local Folsom, Roseville, Auburn and Sacramento resources as a one-stop reference for you.  I still highly recommend getting recommendations from your peers and doing your own due diligence, but this is a very helpful start.

Contact me if you’d like recommendations for the following business support services in the Folsom, Roseville, Auburn and greater Sacramento areas:

Business lawyer

Graphic artist

Marketing expert

Web designer




Online marketing, social media

If you are interested in becoming one of my trusted business support sources, please contact me – Coach Jim (707) 246-3646 or email Jim@PEAKBusinessCoaching.com so we can set up an in-person meeting and I can do my due diligence and check your referrals and ratings.


Here are some other business support agencies to get help or information in the local Sacramento, Folsom, Auburn and Roseville areas:

Provides detailed information on the business permit, license and registration requirements from all levels of government.
Franchise Tax Board
Information relating to state income tax requirements.
State Board of Equalization
Information relating to sales or use tax liability, special taxes and fees, property tax administration, and franchise and income tax appeals.
Employment Development Department
Information relating to unemployment insurance, disability insurance and employment tax.
Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers’s Compensation
Information relating to worker’s compensation requirements.
Department of Consumer Affairs
Information relating to licensing requirements at the state level for specific business entities.

Department of Corporations
Responsible for the regulation of securities, franchises, off-exchange commodities, investment and financial services, independent escrows, consumer and commercial finance lending, and residential mortgage lending.
Tax Information Center
Information relating to income, payroll, sales and use tax for businesses.
Small Business Fairs
Free seminars for small business owners sponsored by several tax agencies to assist with the tax aspects of a business.

Internal Revenue Service
Information relating to federal taxes and employer identification numbers.
Small Business Administration
Information regarding starting and managing small businesses.
U. S. Business Advisor
Information and services provided by the government for the business community.
U. S. Department of Commerce
Promotes American businesses, keeps a vast array of economic statistics, conducts the census, issues patents and trademarks, sets industrial standards.

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