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?Who will benefit the most from business coaching?
My clients that create tremendous results for themselves, their lives and business have three things in common: 1) they are open minded. 2) they are willing to get out of their comfort zone ... and 3) they take action and do their homework.
?What is business coaching?
A business coach can help the success rate of a startup go up ten fold. Business coaching can help an existing business become more profitable and run smoother allowing the business owner to have more free time and improve their quality of life. Generally, business coaching is like sports coaching - it increases the clients' likelihood of success, level of accomplishment and decreases the time to get there.

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?What are some of the powerful tools used for successful business coaching?
A good business coach has at least 20 tools at his or her disposal that they have mastered. There is no script or canned speech. The most commonly used tools are: accountability, championing, brainstorming, powerful questions, challenging, mirroring, active listening, holding the client to their highest potential, redirecting ...
?How much does it cost?
If a client does his or her homework, is open-minded and courageous in trying new things, a conservative estimate for increasing profits is easily $1000 a month. Business coaching generally costs 5-10 times less than than the benefits received. Where else can you get 500+% ROI?

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?What is the Co-Active coaching model?
The co-active coaching model is one in which the coach and the client are sitting side-by-side (figuratively), looking out at the clients' goals. The coach supports the client and holds them at their highest potential to help the client reach their goals as fast as possible. The coach also manages ego and remains objective and supportive and confidential, providing a safe environment for the client.
?What results or benefits might one expect?
I help my clients increase profitability, smooth out cash flow variability, maximize their tax returns, increase team productivity and satisfaction, improve efficiency, more effective marketing, increase sales ratios, set up systems, automation, processes, so that the client can get more free time to relax, spend time with family or enjoy exercising or their favorite hobbies ...