PEAK Business Coaching Core Values:

IntegritySacramento Business Coach PEAK Core Values image of bald eagle

Integrity is a pillar of success, goodness and efficiency and one of our most important core values.  In order to serve our clients, at times the best choice is compassionate honesty … telling them what they need to know to grow and advance – even if it’s something they don’t necessarily want to hear.  Honesty with ourselves keeps us making the right choices and doing the right thing for the greater good or for our clients.  The fascinating thing about integrity is that it is simply being in alignment with our true selves, thus it is the easiest and most efficient way to operate.  We also walk the talk – we are willing to do what we recommend our clients do and are willing to run into “battle” and take action courageously when we are not sure of the outcome.


We choose to make decisions from the heart.  It is said that we can experience either fear or love at any one moment, not both.  Love means accepting others as they are.  To us, it also means holding our clients at their highest potential and sometimes even loving our clients more than they love themselves.  What would love do?  Healthy relationships, effective communication, and intimate connection is what life is all about.

Helping Others

We are committed to helping our clients as much as humanly possible.  We are constantly taking classes, reading books, learning from others, experimenting and pushing our comfort zones in order to stay on the wave of discovering more success secrets to help our clients.  It brings us great giddy joy when our clients reach or exceed their goals.  Helping others is not necessarily giving advice or doing things for them.  Guiding them on a path of self discovery and helping them reach new heights allows them to shine with their inner light.


Financial and time freedom is the entrepreneurial dream quest and at times seems like a holy grail.  Many think you must work long arduous hours to be wealthy.  Yes, it does take hard, smart work and at times puzzles, challenges or opportunities test us to our limits, but having true freedom is worth it.  Getting to the point where you are ON your business and it is running smoothly, efficiently and profitably and you have more free time to do the other things you love is what it’s all about.  With freedom also comes responsibility.  We are free to choose powerfully and then take responsibility for following up on our choice and commitments.


Health is about balance and self love.  Eating right, sleeping well and sufficiently, drinking pure water, exercising, and having fun are all healthy activities.  It is wonderful to succeed wildly and make amazing breakthroughs, AND we all need some nice relaxing down-time … reading, cooking, gardening, socializing, entertaining, playing music … what healthy activities do you love to do?  How do you like to treat yourself and your body like a temple?

What are your personal and business core values?  To come up with your own entrepreneurial core values as a guiding light in your decision making, check out this article.