Where’s the gold for your small business?

Gold Medal Business Marketing

by Author Jim Kaspari

Gold Medal Business Marketing is packed with cutting edge entrepreneur marketing strategy and tactics.  What makes it unique is the elite athlete success principles, quotes and stories woven into the chapters of this book.  Learn how to get your own gold as if your business was shining on the front of a Wheaties box!

Gold Medal Business Marketing Book Cover by Jim Kaspari graphic design by Amy Berry

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Are you not making enough money in your small business and feel like you are confusing being busy with being successful?  Find out how to make your small business more profitable by a seasoned business coach.  Not only will you make more money, but your business will run more efficiently and you will ALSO have more free time to enjoy life outside the business you love.

Jim Kaspari is a recognized leader of a new generation in strategic marketing success, operations and leadership.  It is common for his clients to double their profits in 6-12 months AND have more free time.  In this book he outlines proven strategies for you to uncover hidden opportunities and small business profit potential through his simple and proven business building tips.

Jim’s unique ability to ‘think outside the box’ makes him a popular resource for many small companies.  The strategies outlined in this book have helped small business owners with the same result – a proven marketing model, that when followed thoroughly leads to more business profits!

Follow the advice and easy to implement strategies outlined and you too will benefit by making more money with your small business.

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