First of all I want to thank and acknowledge my graphic artist – Cesar Lopez of Atypical Design for creating this beautiful logo.   I love it and it is very meaningful to me … he is an incredible graphic artist and app developer and always very professional … but the process started off with me being a little frustrated and disappointed.  I’m sharing the story here to inspire you to take the time and money needed to create a lasting branding for your business.  I hope you enjoy the story.

street sign and logo for PEAK Business Coaching in Reno Truckee Lake Tahoe

I met with Cesar in person and we went over the purpose, mission, vision and values of PEAK Business Coaching.  The main idea was to convey strength, power and support for entrepreneurs and include the playful Irish character I have.  He listened well, took notes and sketched a few things while we met.  I envisioned a fancy coat of arms with intricate symbols indicating the happiness, abundance, improvement and PEAK performance built into the design.

I was at first shocked and disappointed when I got the initial ideas.  The logo is so simple … what happened to all the things we talked about??!!  Then I talked to him and he calmly explained that this logo is a timeless symbol of my business.  It incorporates the main message and is elegant, beautiful and meaningful.

The Gaelic (Irish design) triangle indicates strength and is a symbol for mountain.  One of my favorite expressions is “Heart Mountain” … meaning a man who is emotionally stable, compassionate and helpful; a rock in the world’s emotional sea of turbulence.  The colors are perfect.  Gold for performance as in gold medal.  Green for efficiency and caring about our mother earth (ecology).  A rich burgundy for abundance, indicating peace, calm and being so successful that we can give, help and share with others.  Kaizen is a Japanese word indicating continuous improvement.

I also love the little details, like the triangles between the PEAK letters are rounded perfectly just like the logo design.  The font was also carefully chosen and consistent throughout to inspire confidence and trust in clients.

I hope you enjoyed this story and learned a little more about PEAK Business Coaching.  If you or anyone you know wants help with their business, please reach out for a free consultation.  (707) 246-3646 or email me at